• ICM vows to be honest and deliver what we promise.
  • We will not knowingly say or do anything that could jeopardize the credibility of our company and ourselves.
  • We expect and exhibit only the highest standards and ethics.


  • We treat others with consideration and thoughtfulness.
  • All members of our staff encourage and support each other to be the best we can be.


  • The ICM team works towards the common goal of providing the best products and service for our borrowers.
  • ICM employees exhibit a positive attitude both personally and professionally while working with co-workers and borrowers.
  • We encourage each other to share knowledge and ideas.
  • We strive to create an environment that provides all employees with opportunities for growth.
  • It is expected that all members of our team will communicate in an effective and timely manner.

Work/Life Balance

  • We view life as a journey to be enjoyed and appreciated.
  • Our employees are encouraged to maintain a balanced approach to life, remembering that physical, social, spiritual, and family well-being are just as important as their career.