Easy Fall Decor

Yes, that’s right, fall is here! The season of changing leaves, perfect cool weather, and the infamous Starbucks latte. Best of all it is also time to switch up your home decor! Fall home decor is so much more than adding different shades of orange or pumpkins around your home. Whether you are looking for starting inspo or wanting to elevate what you already have, we’ve got you covered.  

Bring in Warm Neutral Colors 

Though orange is a prominent color associated with fall, there are many other colors that can give your home a fall touch. Yellows, browns, burnt red, green, and even tan are considered fall colors. Other neutral tone colors can be added for accents to your decoration. 

LIght Candles

Its highly debatable, but the best candles come out around the fall season. Candles add not just an amazing scent to your home but warmth as well. These candles are an excellent addition to your home decor, and can even embody fall more than an orange centerpiece. 

Use Wood Accents 

Fall is definitely a more rustic season, and adding wood accents will elevate your decor. This doesn’t mean you have to bring pieces of trees into your home, but chose wood centerpieces, signage, or picture frames. 

Play up on Fall Holidays 

Though there are other holidays that happen in the fall/autumn season, Labor Day, Veterans Day, and Thanksgiving are the most notable days of celebration. Adding specific decorations for these holidays can enhance your home decor by not solely focusing on the colors or leaves. Thanksgiving decorations are typically used the most for fall decor but having Labor Day or Veterans can items will set you apart from everyone else. 

Though these are only four short tips, they can really do a lot when decorating your home. Another great way to get fall inspiration is shopping in the stores. At Home, Marshalls, and Target that have great decorations for a great price. Don’t forget to share with us what you have done with your homes!